I have always been completely satisfied by the service given by KB Wealthness. They do an excellent job, always professional and shares golden opportunities in the market. They possess the integrity, skills and years of experiences to provide this standard of service. I would strongly suggest them to any other party considering an advisory firm.

by Hwa Sen, Chua

Eagle Training 2016

With the knowledge and skill sets I learnt from their seminars and workshops, I gained better understanding in the financial market which allows me to manage my wealth in a more efficient manner.
by Marris Chua, Graphic Designer
KB Wealthness has not only share with me the knowledge and skills required in managing my own wealth, but also taught me how crucial is self discipline and adhering to financial management principles. I would like to thanks KB Wealthness for sharing to me these valuable lessons.
by Shakeel Khan
After attending the seminars offered by KB Wealthness, I gained a new insight on wealth management. I never thought I could manage my wealth in a more efficient way, this really helps me a lot. I am looking forward for more useful seminars organized by KB Wealthness.
by Hao Kiat, Renovation Contractor
KB Wealthness is dedicated to understand my needs so they could advise me the solutions that would suit me most. Their seminars are also playing an important role for me to gain better understanding in financial industry. Would definitely support KB Wealthness along the way
by Jaden Ching
I have learnt invaluable lessons with the seminars and coaching offered by KB Wealthness. The analysis and personal development skills really aid me in making some crucial financial decision. I am able to venture my own passive income with the skill set and knowledge learnt from them. Truly appreciated.
by Kah Yan
I recommend the service of KB Wealthness, whom I have been using 3 years ago. To date, KB Wealthness has assisted me with fair market evaluations for potential business opportunities which allows me to achieve my financial goal. I really appreciate their professionalism in all matters.
by John Cheah
KB Wealthness is the right platform to gain better understanding in the financial sector and to not lose sights of right opportunity to chase after dreams.
by JF Lok
KB Wealthness is a structural platform for advising services. Education classes conducted by them are all useful and beneficial. Thanks to KB Wealthness for providing such a great platform that allows me to improve my lifestyle. Looking forwards for more from KB Wealthness
by Lee Ming Wei, Student
KB Wealthness delivered on every promise with unmatched alacrity and professionalism. I will definitely look for them for my future financial planning.
by Sabrina Law, Student
KB Wealthness is an education provider that offers education services on wealth and financial management. As far as I am concerned, their service is top-notch. Hope that they can offer more diverse classes in the future .
by JS
Being an individual who is interested in managing financial more efficiently, there were many competitors aside KB Wealthness and I am glad that I chose KB Wealthness. Their educational services are systematic and professional.
by Lava
Quality guidance, professionalism, knowledge and friendliness are the reasons I would recommend KB Wealthness to anyone who seek for an advisory.
by Kugan

KB Wealthness has given me ongoing valuable coaching and support before, during and long after the courses. I hope that our relationship will be an ongoing one.
by Jackson
I was real impressed by KB Wealthness advisor from day one with their professionalism, knowledge and integrity. They are experienced advisor and would go the extra mile for their clients.
by Koh Yoong Yee, Student
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the advisor at KB Wealthness for their support and advise in relation to my wise decision made on my financial planning. I express great satisfaction with the competence, dedication, and professionalism displayed by KB Wealthness.
by Melvin Tie, Student

I always wanted to have better financial management for better future. KB Wealthness seminars made all this possible. Through the courses they offered, I gained crucial knowledge in wealth management as well as the ability to analyze the market and made the appropriate choices in my financial planning. Thank you KB Wealthness for the good work.
by Siong Ping, Kong, Student
The knowledge provided by KB Wealthness is diversified and can be applied in every aspects. Aside from fundamental and technical knowledge, I am also able to shape myself into a more rational decision maker. I am grateful to have joined KB Wealthness.
by Kaixer, Loh
KB Wealthness did a great job combining professionalism, creativity and dedication while conducting courses. Their knowledge and skills sets sharing session played an absolutely crucial role in optimizing my wealth. I would expect more from them.
by Jack Mah