Our Clientele


With our extensive experiences and comprehensive knowledge in the market, we managed to create a breakthrough in the complicated web of investment jargons and theories that are simpler and applicable in daily life situation. We took our years of experiences, knowledge, and insight in the market and turned them into digestible and rich content seminars and workshop to enlighten the public. In KB Wealthness, we don't give you a fish, we teach you how to fish,

We offer seminars and workshop in relation to currency, property and stocks market to assist our client gain new insight and understand better about the market. We also organise event and provide consultancy services to our client with a sole purpose of assisting them to be successful in life. 


The Mission of KB Wealthness is to share vast, comprehansive knowledge in wealth management to the public, enabling those whom seek for success to achieve their goals in life. It is KB Wealthness beliefs that multiplication effect is greater than additional effect. A team is the core for achieving multiplication effect and KB wealthness is a perfect platform for such team to exist and grow.


For the seminars and workshops KB Wealthness hosts, we present the most crucial principles in managing wealth to our clients. With years of experiences, exposures and reviews, we developed an enhanced version of traditional wealth management programs that would enable our clients to understand the industry in a more efficient manner. These programs mainly cover:

  1. The Strategy of Wealth Optimization
  2. Management: Risk and Money
  3. The Psychology Related to Wealth Management

Aside from these programs, we understand that there are certain skill sets play an important role in managing wealth and so we will also deliver the essential techniques and skills to our clients, which include:

  1. Fundamental Analysis
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Market Emotion Analysis

We are lucky and grateful to be able to assist more than 3000 clients from all over the places whom sought for our services and we had witnessed their success. What is more important is that most of our clients are satisfied with our services. 

KB Wealthness sincerely appreciates the support given by the clients and promises to do better and deliver world-class services and experiences to our client at all time. Let’s grow with KB Wealthness together, as a team.