WHO WE were


We were all an individual trader and investor 6 years ago. We had faced challenges and difficulties while we continued to learn and endeavour in the market. Though we had stumbled along the way, our dedication and passion had made us who we are today. From individual trader and investor, we figured that we have to keep learning in this fast-changing market in order to beome winner in the market. Thus, two years ago, we formed a group where we can share our knowlegdes, skills, and perspectives in investing and trading. We were each other's leverage back then and we are still each other's strongest ally until now. Since then, we managed to achieved goals far beyond our expectation and so, we were inspired and knew what we should be doing to contribute, to help the society. 

WHO WE are today


With our comprehensive knowledge and insights in relation to currency, stocks, and property, we aspire to provide top-notch service to the public and assist them to realize their goals. We are professional event organizer, experienced seminars and workshops host, and ethical consultancy and training provider. Throughout the years, we have delivered our valueable knowledge to the public and witnessed their success. We have faith in everything we do, from our knowledgable speakers, to our backend support, we strive to ensure your satisfaction with us.

It is our belief that one would need support from others in order to achieve greater goals. We, are your support. Should you lose your way along the journey of goals realization, we can help. Should you need some consult, we can help. Should you need the experts in seminars and workshop hosting, we can help. We aspire to be your strongest ally! Together, we can achieve more. 


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Founders Word


Dato Kingston Chang

Do not believe in taking the right decision, take a decision and make it right.

Dato Brendon Yong

When you perceive things from difference angles, you will realize that the horizontal line once taught to you is not necessarily a straight line.

Financial sector in Malaysia is well-developed with introduction of derivative trade by Bursa aiming to reach masses. Majority in our country are low in financial literacy. Even for students in finance, they might not comprehend the actual operation and structure of financial products available for on shore and offshore trade.

KB provide information to its client in key financial economic indicators. The ability to read these indicators helps them to recognize threats and opportunities in any markets.

As a service provider, we don't dictate our clients. Yet we only discuss and suggest them. I believe in the multiplication rather than the addition effect. A team is the means for achieving multiplication effect in our business venture. Ideas, opinions, information are exchanged and supplied by clients in KB. We are a club of people with the same goal, towards achievement of personal best in own venture.

A team enables an individual client to leverage on the combined strength and achieve greater heights in his/her path. Achievement of individual is limited, yet there are always a greater achievement generated in a team. Our business is not motivated by profits but it is geared towards building more entrepreneurs with innovative minds.


Our Team